Sewickley Heights Borough Park



We welcome visitors to enjoy our Borough Park and its many aspects of nature in a relaxed and peaceful setting.  The park consists of over 1,000 acres of undeveloped fields and woods which are managed for conservation, education and recreation purposes.  


Donations:    Maintenance of the Sewickley Heights Borough Park is funded through the generosity of Sewickley Heights’ residents and park users, through tax-deductible donations designated for park purposes.   If you would like to become a park supporter, please forward your check payable to the “Sewickley Heights Borough Park”, addressed to 238 Country Club Road, Sewickley, PA  15143. 


Park Hours:    The Borough Park is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., except from April 1 through October, when the closing time is 9:00 p.m. 

Park Maps:   Park maps can now be downloaded using the following links: 





Please help us to preserve our beautiful park by following the rules listed below.

Parking:   Please park vehicles on designated road surfaces only to prevent damage to park property.  Please do not drive or park on the grass or any other soft surface.


Trails: Please stay on the marked trails to ensure preservation and protection of the flora and fauna, and to prevent the spread of invasive species.  Trails may be temporarily closed for a variety of reasons; trail users must respect all closures when posted.  Be aware of the terrain beneath you and pay attention to the different types of soil and trail construction.  Not all trails will be suitable for all uses at all times.  Wet and muddy trails are more vulnerable to damage.  Use open trails only!

Respect our Park: Park users must respect and protect the environment and are prohibited from removing, vandalizing or damaging trees, plants, animals, flowers or habitats.  Trail markers, fences, benches, signs, picnic tables or any other property presently existing or erected on park property shall not be marked, defaced, moved, removed or otherwise damaged.


Trash: Visitors are asked to properly dispose of any trash in cans provided by the park; the location of trash cans is illustrated on the park map.  

Alcoholic Beverages / Conduct:  The use of alcoholic beverages without the written permission of the Borough’s Chief of Police or his duly authorized representative, are prohibited.  Disorderly or indecent conduct, profane and offensive language, or the use of dangerous drugs as defined in the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act of PA, is prohibited.


Hunting: The park is not open to the public for hunting at any time.  Hunting is only conducted by groups that are sanctioned by the Borough of Sewickley Heights, at which time the park is closed to the public for any use.

Park Permits: Visiting groups of ten (10) or more are required to obtain a Park Permit and pay the appropriate fee.  To obtain a Park Permit, please contact the Borough Office at (412) 741-5119.


Solicitation:  No person, partnership, corporation or other enterprise whatsoever may sell or offer to sell any article or service for hire or engage in any promotional or solicitation activity.  Please refrain from posting any type of solicitation materials in the park bulletin board area.


Other Prohibited Activities:   Campfires, littering, swimming, vandalism and removal or damage to any wildlife and/or their natural habitats are strictly prohibited.  No lotteries, card games, gambling or other games of chance.  Off-road motorized vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited!


The Sewickley Heights Borough Park is a multi-use park.  Hikers, bikers, and equestrians are among the visitors who enjoy this wonderful setting, and all appreciate using it together.   

Please refer to the trail courtesy sign to the right for a reminder of etiquette regarding different users. 

Bikers:   Whether looking for a recreational ride or a more challenging experience, bikers must operate at safe speeds and be respectful of designated trails, the terrain, people and animals.  Bikers should yield to equestrians and hikers at all times.


Equestrians: Horseback riding is permitted on designated trails in a safe and respectful manner.  Horses can be unpredictable.  Hikers and bikers are asked to yield to equestrians at all times.  Dog walkers must have their dogs under control with leashes when approaching horses.


Hikers: Hikers are a diverse group of people who come to our park to enjoy exercise in an outdoor setting.  Our trails vary from very easy to more difficult.  Hikers are responsible for staying on designated trails.   Hikers should yield and be respectful to equestrians and bikers for the safety of all.

Trail Maintenance: The Borough employs park staff to maintain the park trail system.  No user or group shall organize or conduct trail maintenance projects independent of park staff.