Welcome to the Borough of Sewickley Heights

238 Country Club Road, Sewickley, Pa 15143

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Sewickley Heights Borough is located in southwestern Pennsylvania, approximately fifteen miles west of the City of Pittsburgh.   It is easily accessed by using the Mt. Nebo exit from Interstate 79.   The Pittsburgh International Airport is less than a 30-minute drive away.

The Borough Hall is located on the grounds of the Allegheny Country Club.  Traveling west off the Mt. Nebo exit, follow Blackburn Road to a stop sign.  Make a left and continue to follow the main road, then turn right onto Country Club Road.  At the end of Country Club Road, proceed straight onto the Allegheny Country Club grounds.  The Borough Hall is the first building on the left.  The Police Department and Council Chambers are located on the first floor; the Administrative Offices are located on the second floor.


Sewickley Heights is a borough on the northern shore of the Ohio River tucked into a diverse landscape known regionally for its hiking and bridle paths. About fifteen miles west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sewickley Heights was once the haven for wealthy businessmen from the city. The 1920s and 30s saw the heyday of this exclusive area, with lavish cottages dotting hilltops separated by huge, picturesque tracts of woods and fields. Since then, many of the original estates have been subdivided; the mansions have been demolished, leaving an abundance of nostalgic walls, gates, gatehouses, and outbuildings reminiscent of an earlier era. Traditions and memories have been established in this storied place that inspire the Borough and its residents.  READ MORE


Today, Sewickley Heights is one of the most desirable communities in the region, and it continues to attract new residents, many of whom wish to construct new homes. This trend is likely to continue as the community grows in popularity. Sewickley Heights is a unique place. Elements of the cultural landscape include scenic landscapes such as meadows, pastures, and tree rows and historic artifacts such as rock walls, pillars, and fences. The cultural landscape in Sewickley Heights, as well as the historic structures, formed the basis for the 1989 decision by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to grant Historic District Status to a significant portion of the Borough. Today you can see old and new come together in a rich and beautiful setting to make Sewickley Heights what it is today.

Pattern Book

Living in Sewickley Heights must begin with an understanding of the Sewickley Heights Pattern Book. Borough residents are encouraged to become familiar with this resource and new residents should contact the Borough for a complimentary copy. A Pattern Book is a design guideline. The role of the Pattern Book is to preserve community character by encouraging development that is consistent with the existing cultural landscape. It is a user-friendly tool intended to guide decision making, rather than to dictate outcomes. The Pattern Book is designed to complement existing Borough documents such as the Comprehensive Plan, Borough Ordinances, and Vision Plan. Users will include citizens, landowners, home builders, developers, and real estate agentsPATTERN BOOK

Legal Notices



NOTICE is hereby given that the Borough of Sewickley Heights Zoning Hearing Board will hold a meeting and public hearing on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 3:00 PM in Borough Hall, 238 Country Club Road, Sewickley, PA 15143 on the following matter: 

The application of Ajei & Minni Gopol requesting a variance from the following Section of the Borough of Sewickley Heights Zoning Ordinance: Section 5.0.D, which requires the aggregate building coverage on any lot shall not exceed three percent (3%) of the total lot area. The subject property is located at 181 Merriman Road, Sewickley, PA 15143 (Parcel I.D. No. 0510-K-00048-0000-00) and is in the A-Historical Rural Residential Zoning District. 

The Board will consider any other matters that come before it. 

The above application may be reviewed at the Borough’s Municipal Building, 238 Country Club Road, Sewickley, PA 15143, during regular business hours. 

All interested parties are invited to attend and be heard in accordance with the rules and procedures established by the Board. Any unfinished business at the end of this public hearing will be continued to a future hearing date. 

Emily Moldovan 

Zoning Officer